Top 5 Simulation Games in 2021

Simulation is such an expansive category because it umbrellas so many games that can give you a real-life experience. They are easy to play because of the smooth controls and can keep you on the edge of your seat for hours. A majority of them allow you to partake and engage with actual-world chores like parking a car, growing a farm, owning a cafe, or literally anything that you have ever dreamed of. They are a great possibility of finding escape ways for a bit while you indulge in fun activities.

Having said that, we have prepared a list of simulation games that topped the charts on Google Play as well as the App Store in 2021. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the exciting simulations that can keep you hooked forever!


  • Makeover Race:

Who doesn’t love a makeover, right? Especially, when you are the one making all those choices. Released two months ago, Makeover Race by UNCOSOFT has managed to score over a million installs with its amazingly unique concept. This simulation allows you to select the beauty items of your choice while you avoid non-beauty and muddy products as you compete with the girl opposite to you. Then based on those choices, three judges waiting at the end of the table rate you. Exciting, isn’t it?

2. Car Parking Multiplayer:

Do you know what’s better than playing a simulation game? Playing a simulation game with your friends! This Car Parking Multiplayer game lets you walk around freely in an open world with gas stations and car services, giving you a real-life experience. You can drive, park, and fill gas from anywhere you like and it does not stop there, no, it features voice chat, competition with real players from around the globe as well a friend list option so you can play and chat with them whenever you want. And guess what? This exciting game by olzhass even has a police mode for you to take advantage of. So, without waiting, let this game drive you crazy!

3. Power Washing Clean Simulator:

Fried Chicken Games has brought to us yet another amazing game this year and this time it is a cleaning simulation. Power Washing Clean Simulator is all about the satisfying washing and cleaning ASMR experience that lies ahead of you as you use a variety of washing guns to clean houses, cars, furniture, and other objects. Easily wash all sorts of dust, mud, and grime away to satisfy the cleaner inside of you!

4. 2 3 4 Player Mini Games:

Installing one game is good but what’s even better is when that one game contains all the other things that you need! Yes, we are talking about 2 3 4 Player Mini Games by Better World Games in which you can dual with your friends in a variety of mini-games that can be played with just a single touch control. It contains subgenres of almost all kinds and has 30 mini-games inside for you to kill your leisure time with up to 4 of your friends. Hurry up and get playing because you have got a lot of games to win!

5. Cafeland – World Kitchen:

Did you ever wish as a child to open a cafe of your own, someday? If your answer is yes, then we have good news for you. GAMEGOS has produced a super addictive and engaging game; Cafeland – World Kitchen which lets you build the cafe of your dreams! Yep, you heard that right. Start by buying a property and then gradually personalize it to your liking so that you can get more and more customers. Start cooking because you have many customers to please so chop, chop!

The games on this list are free to play however they DO contain In-App Purchases but they are not necessary. So if you are looking to end your year with some fun and enjoyable activities, download these simulation games and have the time of your life!