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Koko Zone respects the privacy of its users, especially the children and families who may be accessing our games. We take special care not to gather or share personally identifiable information of any of our users identified as children.


Koko Zone does NOT run Interest Based or Personalized Ads in our Games Designed for Families, including, but not limited to our Unicorn Pony Games

Many of our games and applications are designed for families and children. We take extra precautions to ensure a safe and secure playing experience for children and families using our applications.

We may run advertisements in our apps designed for families and children. However we take appropriate measures to make sure only children and family friendly advertisements are displayed in our games designed for families.

To display advertisements, we use the following third party ad networks.

We integrate these ad networks so that they provide us with age appropriate advertisements.

We also employ third party analytics service providers, after obtaining user consent. This ensures continuous improvements in our user experience. The analytics service providers we use are:

COPPA Compliance:

Koko Zone conforms to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. We follow COPPA regulations in the games and apps we produce.

Data Retention and Deletion Policy

We do not knowingly collect any personal information from children.

If any information about children is submitted to us by a guardian, it is not shared with any third party and promptly removed from our servers after completing the relevant service for which the information was submitted.

Any personal information that you may have submitted to us, for instance while filing a support request or giving feedback is retained as long as necessary to fulfill the request for which the information was submitted.

This information is kept confidential and not given to any third party. We also do not combine it with any non-personally identifiable information we may have collected from you as per the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Once the support or similar request has been fulfilled, or the personal information cannot be used to complete a function relevant to the purpose it was submitted for, it will be deleted from our stores.

If you wish to check or request deletion for any personal information you have submitted to us, contact:

Data Collection

Use of Data Analytics

We do not collect mobile advertising ID for our family games.

Koko Zone collects only Non-personally identifiable information collected either directly or indirectly with the use of ad networks.

We may also collect data on how the user interacts with our games and apps through partnership with our analytics providers and ad networks in our non family apps. Where permitted, we may use this information to display personalized advertising. This data collection is only carried out after explicitly obtaining user consent through an in app popup.

In case, consent is not given to obtain data for personalized advertising purposes, advertisements will still be served if the app or game is being used. However, they will be less relevant to the user.

Types of Advertising:

We use third party advertising networks to monetize our advertising inventory. Their privacy policies can be accessed at:

We also cross promote our own apps/games in our apps/games, or of other developers with similar data protection policies as us.

Sharing and Information Disclosure

Koko Zone does not collect the personal information of its users identified as children or accessing our games for children.

Koko Zone does not share the personal data of its users without having obtained their consent.

After the user has consented to the collection and sharing of their data, it may be shared with the following partners:

Data Protection

We use industry standard practices to ensure the security of our data. We only use and work with third parties that have at least as stringent data security practices as we do. Our data is kept in a secure physical location. Only authorized personnel are permitted to interact with the data and only when they need it to perform a relevant task. Data is stored behind a firewall

Optional Profile Creation:

Some of our games allow the creation of an optional user profile for users which are not identified as children. This profile is completely optional and allows the user access to certain additional features such as increased user-to-user interactions, participation in leaderboards or head to head matchups. The creation of these profiles will require additional information such as a username and age. The username will be public whereas the other information can be controlled through the settings.

Payment Information:

Our games/apps may contain in-app purchases, such as virtual currency or skins. To carry out the transactions, additional information such as your name, billing and payment addresses and complete credit number will need to be shared with the payment processing service providers.

Updates and Amendments:

We may update this Privacy Policy at any time without notice to our users. As such, we advise our users to review this policy often to stay abreast of any developments.
This policy was last updated on 22/07/2021.

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