Best Satisfying ASMR Slime Games On Android In 2021

Satisfying ASMR Slime Games

Have you ever experienced anxiety and stress and want to feel relaxed and stress-free? One of the most satisfying activities for anxiety and stress relief is to play with ASMR slime. But to get rid of the anxiety you can not put slime in your pocket all the time. The problem is now what to do??? Don’t be sad! There is a solution for you. Now, you can relax and satisfy your mind by having slime with you all the time. In these games, slime simulator games are the best for anti-stress. Download these ASMR DIY satisfying slime games from Google Play Store on your devices. These games also include ASMR and relaxing sound. Relax your mind anywhere and anytime you want by playing these amazing satisfying ASMR DIY slime simulator games.

5 Best Satisfying ASMR Slime Games On Android:

Here are the best satisfying slime ASMR games on Android

1. Satisfying Slime Simulator – ASMR DIY Slime games

Powered by: Happy Giggles

Satisfying Slime Simulator – ASMR DIY Slime games is a wonderful DIY slime experience of satisfying ASMR slime simulator which will provide you the most realistic slime experience. You can create your own fluffy fancy squishy slimes by choosing from tons of ASMR materials. This application with awesome graphics is designed to relax and calm your nerves.

2. DIY Slime Simulator ASMR

Powered by: Questzy

DIY Slime Simulator ASMR is a 3D simulator app that works as a real slime. It allows you to make your slime with different ingredients such as unicorn, cloud, iceberg, etc. It has some ASMR sounds, which reduce    your stress, anxiety and make you relax. This game is available on the Play Store for free. It contains ads and in-app offers.

3. Super Slime Simulator: Satisfying ASMR & DIY Games

Powered By: Dramaton

Super Slime Simulator: Satisfying ASMR & DIY Games is one of the best satisfying ASMR slime games on the Google Play Store. It’s a super realistic slime relaxation and stress relief game. Play with satisfying slime by not even creating mess and sticky fingers. This is the best game for those who are ASMR lovers.


4. Slime ASMR Simulator – DIY Satisfy Relax Slime

Powered by: Jamcoco

Slime ASMR Simulator – DIY Satisfy Relax Slime is another best slime ASMR simulator app. There is a massive variety of slimes to choose from. This app provides you with slime and soap bubbles to keep you relaxed most of the time. There is nothing to worry about mixing or making the process. It has a simple user interface. Have this app now!

5. Satisfying ASMR Slime Simulator

Powered by: Happy giggles

Satisfying ASMR Slime Simulator is a different kind of ASMR slime game. You can create the fanciest slime and find out surprises of what a satisfying ASMR game has for you. Stretch the DIY slime maker and bring out lots of squishy toys from it. Explore rich galleries by playing this satisfying ASMR slime simulator game and have non-stop fun.