Best Makeup Games of 2022

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Every girl loves to do makeup. For many, it is as therapeutic and enjoyable as painting on a canvas. And we all know that girls also mostly prefer games that are full of glitz and glamour. So a combination of makeup and game sounds just about perfect, no?

In today’s blog, we have gathered a few of the top trending makeup games for you to enjoy in the year 2022 because who doesn’t like a brush of magic, every now then?

Here you go!

1. Project Makeover by Magic Tavern:

I am sure that you have heard, come across, or played this game. And if you haven’t but if you love giving makeovers to people, then this game is a must-play for you. Not only just plain, boring makeovers but it also has a proper story mode for you to enjoy. The characters who desperately require a makeover always have a story to tell and one of the most amazing parts of the game is designing the apartment studios, garages, houses, shops, of those people afterward so it’s not just a character makeover but also a living/working space transformation. Moreover, it contains DRAMA! Yes, drama is everywhere in this game alongside solving a few puzzles and watching videos to unravel the rising mystery. This game is a total package!

2. Fashion Show: Makeup, Dress Up by Dress Up Games For Girls:

As the name already suggests, this game is a full-blown fashion show in which you have to not only do makeup but also dress up your chosen character and make sure that they dress to impress and win the competition in style. You start with a disheveled girl who is in desperate need of proper care and you will give her proper facial treatment as well as nail and hair treatment and select an outfit for her. Another engaging factor is that you can participate in different events and compete globally against other players and get a chance to showcase your unique fashion style!

3. Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artist by

Another awesome game to add to this list is Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artist not just because of its concept but also because of its extraordinarily amazing graphics and easy-to-navigate user interface. Stay up to date with the latest makeup trends and compare your before and after look. And, you won’t believe that this game is a makeup-for-all station because in this game you can also do makeovers of boys and give them subtle hints of makeup. In addition, you can have a face-off with other makeup artists, worldwide. Sounds, exciting, doesn’t it?

4. Nail Salon Art – Makeup Games by Happy Giggles:

Wondering what a nail art game is doing in this list? Well, to answer your question, treating your nails to a good salon every now and then is considered a nail makeover because you don’t stick to one look for too long *wink* Nail Salon Art is an impeccable addition to this list because of its multi-featured functionality. You have three exciting modes to unlock and play in this game and every mode is unique and contains exciting nail colors, designs, shapes, and backgrounds. If you have had a knack for opening your nail bar, you can play this game and own a nail bar virtually, and even save your designs!

5. Makeup Artist: Makeup Games, Fashion Stylist by FunLanding Game Studio:

A noteworthy addition to this list is this game which has managed to score over ten million downloads in a small span of time. This game is topped with one of the best and trending fashion looks including celebrity looks. Choose soft, goth, bold, night, party, funky, or literally any makeup look; you name it, they have it. This game is a great way to enhance your fashion skills and share your makeup look pictures on Instagram afterward! If you have an eye for detail, play this game today.

6. Makeover Games: Makeup Salon Games for Girls Kids by Salon:

How can we forget this trending game that has been topping the charts since forever, right? It does not require any introduction as you must already be familiar with this awesome makeover game. This also offers a lot of features like nail treatment, facial spa, pedicure, hair-dos, makeup, and dress-up. This literally contains everything you could dream of doing combined with fun activities and a huge, versatile collection of makeup products for you to use and have fun with. Go crazy with the experiments!

With that being said, this was all for today’s blog. We hope that you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed selecting these top games for you. To stay up to date with the latest, trending blogs on games, stay connected for more!

Until next time.