Best Antistress Relaxation Games of 2022

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As human beings, it is natural for us to easily give in to stress, be it from the workplace, studies, or any nuisance in our personal lives. Experts have suggested a number of practices to ease our stress levels but one cannot always engage in them, anywhere and everywhere. So, this is where the antistress relaxation games come in. Games are one thing that you can indulge in whenever and wherever you are because they are easily accessible on your mobile devices.

Antistress games are considered one of the best ways to reduce your anxiousness and distress. And you must have come across a few of them, already, which is the very reason why we have handpicked the best games for you to play and slide soothingly and relaxingly into the upcoming year, 2022.

Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the realm of the antistress games:

Please note that these games are not in priority or chronological order.

Number 1: Antistress – Relaxation Toys:

Antistress – Relaxation Toys by JindoBlu has been topping the charts for quite some time, now. People seem to be enjoying this multifunctional game which offers a variety of antistress toys and relaxing activities like playing with slime, spinning the fidget spinner toy, satisfying slicing, bubble popping, a huge collection of satisfying ASMR sounds, and much more.

The key point is that this game is updated every so often to add new relaxing toys which can keep you guys hooked for a longer period of time. Cool, isn’t it?

Number 2: Pull The Pin:

Pull The Pin by Popcore Games is another relaxing game that will also put your brain to work. The gameplay is super easy, really, all you have to do is pull the pins (quite literally) from the right places so the tiny balls have only one way to go into the pipe at the bottom of the funnel. Once pulled, you cannot undo your action and this is the exact tricky part. BUT, as we have mentioned above, it is a super satisfying and relaxing game. Also, brownie points for the non-identical theme and gameplay!

Number 3: My Oasis: Calming, Relaxing & Anxiety Relief Game:

My Oasis by Buff Studio is a super cool and highly effective healing game that can lower your anxiety and stress levels, a great deal. The game literally lulls you to the most tranquil and serene state of mind by doing the bare minimum of tapping on your screen to collect hearts and animals and build an island of your own on an oasis.

This game takes the cake for one of the most calming and soothing music sounds that can provide you with an instant sense of comfort and peace. Watching your oasis grow with animals and island expansion also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Number 4: Power Washing Clean Simulator:

Power Washing Clean Simulator by Fried Chicken Games is unique in itself, a relaxing and satisfying game. If cleaning thoroughly soothes your soul then this game is for you. It offers a good range of power washing guns, a calm open environment, and asmr sounds for you to enjoy while cleaning. Basically, as the name suggests, you have to clean multiple different objects until they’re all shiny and clean.

The plus point is that it is not a humdrum cleaning game and actually offers a story mode in which you are a contractor who gets paid and earns rewards for power washing. It is definitely a recommended antistress cleaning game that can keep you hooked with its interesting and moderately difficult tasks.

Number 5: Bejeweled Classic:

You must already be aware of this insanely amazing puzzle game by ELECTRONIC ARTS. But, did you know that there’s also a zen mode in this game? Yes, it can help you relax as you solve the puzzles and arrange different kinds of gems in order. Besides this, it also contains seven modes in total and they recently introduced a new icy mode. Suits the weather, no?

For obvious reasons, this game has been ranked and retained in top relaxing games by a team of experts. Take some time out from your busy routine and enjoy playing this game in zen mode, in particular, if you are looking for fun yet relaxing games and bedazzled by bejeweled!

Number 6: Candy Crush Saga:

Does this game even need an introduction? King studios had made this game years ago and till date, it hasn’t lost its essence. Why? Because, they keep bringing in more and more exciting modes, levels, and other things for you to enjoy and keep you guys hooked to it. It’s a highly addictive game which has been ranked number one (in every aspect, including the most relaxing game) for the longest period of time.

The gameplay is as sweet and smooth as the name itself and you can have a bucket full of fun, completely forgetting whatever worries are weighing you down. And the background music sounds are super satisfying, too. Plus, they have more similar games like this for you to enjoy and experience a variety of modes of one game. All you have to do is crush candies on your way to victory!

Number 7: Magic Tiles 3:

If music is your escapeway from all the stress and worries of this world then you were among those who were heard by AMANOTES PTE LTD. Magic Tiles, a game probably everyone is aware of, falls in the list of antistress games. You can get lost in the world of music of your choice and tap on the piano tiles. Time your taps properly to not miss any beat and play this endless game for hours. It not only takes away your stress but also offers a variety of genres so you can pick your favorite one. What else? Well, this game also allows you to compete globally against players from all over the world. Exciting, isn’t it?

Number 8: Tetris:

In the list of antistress games, how can we leave behind the good ole tetris? Released two years ago, this game is definitely a topnotch. N3TWORK Inc. developed a user friendly game which can keep the user enagged for hours and also deduce the stress levels to help you cope better with everything else. Play this at the end of the day to forget about your day worries or in the morning to have a fresh kickstart. I mean, this game must be doing something right to still have a demand after all these years, right? Plus, this game has clinically proven to cure unwanted stress.

A few years from today, there were only a handful of antistress games available for people to play but thankfully most developers have hopped on the bandwagon and started making antistress and relaxing games, as well, because even they are well aware of how much people nowadays need it because we barely get time for ourselves amidst our quite busy and monotonous routines. And that was it for today’s blog. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed it.

Until next time.