Mini Town Ice Princess Fairy Tale

Mini Town Ice Princess Fairy Tale

Listen up all kids! Full of colors and with all your favourite princess games characters, this mini town pretend play game brings the new magical world of ice princess fairies for you…

Full of imagination, winter royal princess fairy tale mini town forest is an amazing place which is covered with cold. Bhurrrr…. Let’s feel the soft snow and enjoy the ice queen dream mini town game. Get ready for an exciting fairy tale in the ice princess castle with your favourite mini town.

In this amazing princess game for girls, enjoy the fun of princess dress up and makeover and become the princess salon expert. In the royal princess castle, there are a lot of interesting activities for you like ice skating, ice queen prom night dress selection and many more. Be the ice princess and enjoy the magical princess games.

This mini town pretend play game is full of fairies, snow, tree houses, friendly animals and magic. Fairy princess royal castle has lots of magical locations to explore. Let’s start the adventure of a forest fairy tale where everything is possible. Let’s open up the princess salon and be the princess dream hair stylist.

This ice princess fairy game is a story of a lovely snowy forest where lots of beautiful magical characters live happily in the cold. The princess castle and it’s bed rooms, kitchen and stores are all on trees which are covered with snow in this mini town pretend play game. Let’s live in the magical world of lovely princesses and interact with each of everything in their princess dream castles. Find out the hidden fun by playing this interesting mini town ice princess game for girls.

By cooking in the kitchen, babysitting the ice queen’s royal babies, setting the cupboard in the bed room or listening to the music in the living room you will have a bundle of enjoyment in this fun mini town princess story. This mini town magical ice princess fairy game also has another surprise for little girls, a princess dress up and a jewellery store where you can find dresses, masks, crowns, necklace, makeup and even perfumes to interact with. Also, the princess salon has lots of makeup for the royal princess’s makeover and hairstyling.

Wait.. it’s prom night and you’ve got the ice princess dress up and makeover duties. So, be ready and get into the fun filled princess salon and start with the princess styling. Choose the best royal dress for the ice queen and make her look like a dream princess. Enjoy the amazing activities of this magical fairy tale pretend play game for girls.Be the ice skating ballerina in this ice princess land.

This fairy princess land has a secret. What!… yes… A magical princess store with so many interesting things to enjoy. Come on let’s see what spirit this ring holds in the magical princess story.

Kids hurry up! Enjoy artistic and creative play elements of this pretend playhouse magical princess fairy tale games. Let’s wear woollens and start your new mini town game with winter princess fairies. Playing with your animal friends like unicorns, deer, rabbits and fat squirrels never make you feel bored in this ice princess fairy tale game.

What are you waiting for! Your snowy mini town fairy land is calling you…