Make and Play Slime Simulator

Make and Play Slime Simulator

Are you feeling stressed out these days? Download this super satisfying slime simulator to relax yourself!

Entertain yourself and play this super fun DIY slime simulator! This anti stress app helps you relax your nerves with just a swipe of your finger on the screen. Change the color and texture of your squishy jelly and have fun. Let’s stretch, squish, pop and release your stress. Let’s play and unlock a variety of textures and effects of the magic slime jelly.

Calm your nerves and relax yourself with the most satisfying squishy jelly. This is the most appropriate DIY glitter slime simulator time. Swipe the finger all around the mobile device and feel the relaxing sound of the super slime jelly simulator.

Choose tons of colors and gradients to play with this rainbow slime simulator. Let’s start playing with this DIY jelly maker and feel calmness by holding it in your hands. Come one! Download this fluffy squishy maker game and get a bundle of enjoyment.

Make, stretch and get relaxed…