Construction Excavator & Truck

Construction Excavator & Truck

Lets drive the heavy construction vehicles with heavy engines, to drive, lift and build construction of a city, road and house. Drive your first crane and heavy construction trucks in Construction city vehicle simulator and build road and house construction games. Just reach your destination by driving a bulldozer, forklifter, loader, and other vehicles in heavy excavator games.

You have Euro and japanese construction trucks, cranes, crawler cranes, road rollers and heavy excavators built in the US, Japan and europe. To build houses, roads and city, they need heavy construction vehicles and truck drivers. so, ignite the engine and drive vehicles with loaded and unloaded trucks and other construction vehicles simulators to help architects in planning and development of dream city construction games.

If you love to dig and build, you like to play with sand excavators, bulldozers and other heavy city construction vehicles. You are in the right City construction game. 2021 games have brought you many other building and construction games. This construction city game is different and with detailed game play of a variety of construction vehicles to drive and become the best city builder in the world of construction games simulator.

Mega construction city is your new project where you ve been called from japan to win the city construction and build road and house projects. You can not plan a construction town without driving heavy construction vehicles. You will love the missions and tasks with detailed physics based controls in construction games 3d. Digging Sand, Rolling the Sand and mud, using cranes and excavators to build road, a complete house, and a property owner of the building construction city games.

Take the heavy excavators and other construction vehicles from construction city headquarters and build your dream city in the best construction games.

Install and play Construction vehicle and heavy truck driver games and give your feedback.