Car Makeover Race 3D (Early Access)

Car Makeover Race 3D (Early Access)

Want to play a car race and do a car makeover race challenge with other car 3d games. Let’s play car makeover race with a new 2022 car games with fun oriented detailing & restoration concept of stylist master racing car games in which you not only have to race on the track but also give car makeover to your vehicle with a makeover simulation car race. If you love to play car racing games, but want to have car decoration and car makeover fun that will never get old play this new 2022 racing car makeover 3d game. How super cool is it to do car decoration as you do a makeover vehicle race to the end to be the best of the two and win the makeover competition? Find iconic and classical yet fully functional cars at the start of every level, add car makeup, do car transformation in the auto shop. Play like a car mechanic who helps cars in making and car tuning and try Test drive with a little makeover to the car on a track. Do car restoration by adding unique and amazing car style and win the race makeover competition with restored cars and become the best in your passion for racing makeover car games.

In this car styling game, you will compete in the car make up against other fellow cars and make sure to add the most stylish decorations for vehicle makeup in car games. Choose the best car style, add paint, ribbon, flowers, and new skins as you drive swiftly towards your end goal of racing car makeover games. Don’t lose the car race otherwise, your competitor will kick you down. Choose the best car accessories to make your car beautiful and realistic better than your competitor’s car in your race of makeover vehicle games.

Give a complete car detailing makeover to your car craft. Only a person who knows car mechanics and the art of car tuning will be able to win the racing makeover car games. You can choose to do car paint or keep it plain, add rims around the tires and edges to make it appear more stylish while doing a car restoration, buy makeup packs for car makeup 3d games.n Give a completely different look to your car to win the make up challenge among other cars.

As you race on the track with your car, you will be presented with lots of car make up choices in car racing games. As you make progress, you will gain a lot of rewards, like new color spray paints, new car skins, car types, windows, and other customization options. Be very picky about what you select because your car decoration will be rated based on that in car makeover games.

In this car restoration game, you will have to make old, plain, and rusty cars shine like they are brand new cars. These challenging car decoration games let you give every type of car a complete car makeover. Now is the time to rev your brain’s creative engine and polish the car style to make them stand out among others in car make up and make them new like they were made just yesterday. Customize and beautify cars with your choice of paint colors, fun stickers, amazing decals, sporty logos, and a huge variety of car decorations. Replace the plain old boring-looking cars with shiny and sleek ones in car games, and get racing!

Car Makeover Race 3D Features:

Give a complete car makeover
Unlock multi-colored spray paints
A huge collection of car decorations
Do a proper car make up
A multi-featured car racing track