Trending Mobile Games’ Categories in Top Charts

Just like the video games, there is an expansive range of mobile games categories, as well. And you can get your hands on most of these mobile games for free. It does not matter whether you are an iPhone or an Android user, you will see that most of these games are available on both platforms.

The category that you most prefer depends on your interest and propensity to enjoy a certain type of game. Having said that, this brings us to the title of our blog today. We have handpicked five of the most trending mobile games categories that have been dominating the market for a long time, now.

Note: These categories are not in top-priority order.

1. Casual Games:

None of us is a stranger to this category; Casual Games have been bagging more than half percent of the market share when it comes to mobile games. This is a broad category that covers almost every type of game present in the market like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, etc. They are named so because a user does not have to invest as much time and energy as he would have to invest in other competitive categories/genres. Not many people would prefer gaming for hours or putting much thought while playing, this is why the Casual category is super successful. The games in this category are designed to be user-friendly and laid back so you can play them at your own pace.

2. Action Games:

For an action-packed ride, this is your category because it gives the user an amazing and fun-filling experience. Action Games are all about the maximum utilization of your resources and putting your skills to use. You have to be fast, precise, and accurate in these games. Though this genre has been more common in PC Games, the mobile gaming industry has also slowly but surely adapted to this rising category. One of the most prominent examples is shooting games; PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, etc. The dynamics of this category are expanded and allow the user to have a real-time interaction and experience making them more engaging and liked by plenty around the globe.

3.Puzzle Games:

This category also comes on top when talking about the most downloaded and played games. Puzzle Games test your analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills hence putting your brain to good use. These are not only a source of entertainment but also brain exercise. If you have a knack for merging, solving, and putting puzzle pieces together, then this is your category. Rack your brain for some puzzles and solve from easiest to toughest puzzle games. They can be a bit tricky to navigate, in the beginning, but once you master the art of puzzle games, there’s no going back. Some of the most famous games include Merge Mansion, Board Games, etc.

4. Simulation Games:

As the name suggests, these games are designed to stimulate a reaction, a real-life event, or an action. The core mechanic of this category is that you make the user in charge of something; in which they can control the actions and consequences, overcome hurdles, drive to somewhere, etc. A noticeable share of simulation games is contributed towards driving games. It is such an exciting category that it appeals to users of all ages because it allows them to reproduce any real-life activity or event, virtually, like owning and growing a farm, driving a vehicle, or literally as simple as delivering an order of burger. It’s exhilarating!

5. Strategy Games:

Strategy Games are often seen topping the charts because of their wide adaptation and likelihood. Games such as Clash Royale, are one of the many prominent examples of this category. These games urge the users to come up with unique tactics and strategies when presented a certain situation, to chase victory. The fact that they also have a multiplayer mode is what increases their market share in the gaming industry. It enables the user to access everything and also includes open-world environments which are loved by many!

6. BONUS CATEGORY; Role-Playing Games:

Role-Playing Games, although not much recognized at the start, now dominate the market with RPG overflowing the App Store and Play Store. As obvious, the player is expected to fill the shoes of a certain character and perform duties. It collaboratively creates stories in which the player advances through a quest, joins other players, finds hidden treasures, etc. It gives you many abilities and attributes. One of the most popular examples of this category is Lost Lands.

On a final thought, there are dozens of categories of mobile games present in the gaming market so it’s not about the right category rather the idea and work you put in to develop a game of the certain category.

Let’s take Casino Games, for instance. You don’t have to brainstorm much on the type of game that you have to make so you put all your time and energy into creating it. We all are aware of the types of games that fall in this category; Teen Patti & Cash Carnival. You can, instead, choose to bring a unique element in the same old category and make your game stand out among others!