The Most Relaxing New Game for Mobile Users

Monotonous routine, stressful days at work, tough study periods, and our very own ongoing PANDEMIC is bound to leave us utterly drained and exhausted, at the end of the day. Eventually, we will start to look for temporary relief escapes that can make our otherwise ordinary day, soothing and a bit exciting. Relaxing simulation games have proven to be extremely therapeutic and can make you forget about all the fuss. So you can sit back and put your mind to ease as you play these relaxing simulations.

Do you ever wonder about the people who like to clean so much while there’s a whole layer of dust resting on your top shelf? Playing games is one of the most productive ways to kill your time, whether you are waiting in a queue or at home getting bored, mobile games will forever have your back. And add a dash of satisfaction to it, it will become all the more pleasing and joyous.

In today’s blog, we are talking about how to get virtual satisfaction via cleaning online. We are going to be discussing one of the most popular washing games; Power Washing Clean Simulator developed by Fried Chicken Games.

Power Washing Clean Simulator is developed to serve us satisfaction as well as make us feel like we are progressing. And who doesn’t like a sense of accomplishment, right? Ever since the discovery of this game a few weeks back, we have been hooked!

It’s a small game, sure, but the fact that it involves real-life chores and has an interesting genre is its unique selling point. This could be one of the many contributing factors in its fast-growing audience which thoroughly enjoys the simulation of routine tasks.

The game offers smooth gameplay and easy to navigate user interface. Also, it can be super addictive with its impeccable graphics and eye-catching open environment.

Insights of the Gameplay:

The gameplay basically revolves around cleaning multiple objects like a car, walls, fountain, swimming pool, and even a house. The user has a variety of washing guns, all with unique and amazing water pressure, to give you the best cleaning experience of your life with accuracy and precision. As a power washer, you have to wash all sorts of dirt, dust, grime, and grease away to make the things restore their original shiny state

You will also notice how the level progression shifts to become difficult GRADUALLY, making sure that the player is used to the game by the time level difficulty rolls in. As you continue to successfully complete the level, you get soft currency in return which can be used to make in-app purchases.

And did I mention the ‘oh, so satisfying’ sound of water? If you are a fan of the sound of nature and water flowing in the background as you clean in real life, then I definitely recommend you play this game because you don’t really have to make much effort and enjoy the calming effect, side by side. Awesome, isn’t it?

Power Washing Clean Simulator was recently released in 2021 and has gained a lot of popularity ever since on Google Play Store and App Store, ranking frequently in Top Charts. Probably because it keeps the user engaged for a decent amount of time. Like you opened the game a minute ago and boom! Two hours have passed. Time really flies with this one as you scrub and wipe all the grime away!

Finally, they will be adding more levels, modes, and exciting characters to keep the progression loop interesting. After going through all the levels and trying nearly everything, we definitely recommend you install this game as soon as possible and start playing!