Stumble Walk : Do Not Fall Run (Early Access)

Stumble Walk : Do Not Fall Run (Early Access)

Stumble walk your way home but make sure your guys do not fall! When you decide to go for a high walk home, make sure it does not turn into a dead walk. Walk to your destination either home from the bar or back to the bar again. A drunk walk as you navigate your way through different obstacles can turn into a drunk run too if you go fast enough. Run walk to the finish line as fast as possible. Make sure you do not lose your balance like girls wearing heels real high. Your trip home will feel like an endless walk but there are checkpoints in between. You’ll face real challenges: walking over cans, dodging errant cars and the rouge fire hydrant. Get through all these expertly in this high walk game. Drink simulator games involve drunk run to the end. But if you lose your way you’ll end up bounce drink high. Try not to fall run in this endless runner and walk game for girls and boy.

Stumble your way home on a drunk walk. Girls in heels with high platforms are used to walking to keep their balance but boys will have more difficulty staying upright after they’ve had a drink. Get the boys and girls safely home, restaurants or to their safe places. Do not take damage or fall your guy. They may not be able to recover and end up in a dead walk. Avoid falling into the holes in the path in these drunk walk. This is an endless run & walk game with a lot of stumbling and uncertainty but your guys will manage fine if you are careful. Get your guy home safe and sound in the fall run.

A drink and walk game where your skills are tested to their limits. Run as fast as you can in this drunk simulator. Get to the next location and show that you can take a drink or two just fine. The pavements have many unexpected surprises for you. A lot of them will create additional challenges in your stumble walk. Reach the club safely in this fun drunk simulator game.

A funny game of skills and control. A drunk run awaits where you have to hone both your control and timing. A high drunk walk home where you have to make sure you do not fall. Keep your character upright and don’t stumble on the side path or worse, in the way of the traffic. Make sure your character makes it home safely in this home druk simulator.

A game of balance and funny walk
Dodge cars and obstacles and get to the checkpoint
All the fun of walking home drunk with none of the hangover
Do not fall into the holes
Walk high for the highest score

Walking home drunk can turn out to be a deadly walk. So walk carefully and have fun!