Fruit Blender 3D Juice Simulator (Early Access)

Fruit Blender 3D Juice Simulator (Early Access)

Presenting you with the very own juice shop and most satisfying DIY fruit cutter and juice blending, most playable and satisfying juice simulator game. Enjoy the super fun Fruit cut and anti stress juice blend game.
Slice cut the fruits, put them in a blender, blend them well, Mix fruits for a clean juice and do the perfect toppings for making fruit slush, cocktail juice, Ice cream juice, smoothies you love in this Juice Mixer fruit cut and fruit blender 3d game. Choose the right size of glass pour juice for happy customers in order management and order taking blend game. Make sure to add perfect topping cream when making shakes or smoothies in the fruit chef master challenge. Your juice customers will love watching juice mixers and juice simulation fruit games.

Let’s smash the ingredients, start a blend game to make the tasty smoothies & juices!

Cut the fruit slices and blend perfect fruit slices. Do not push them all in the blender with force. The knife in the blender can hurt you. Play the juice bar fruit cut and juice maker game. You will love this juice bar corner of restaurant cooking games.
Juices are the refreshment for everyone regardless if it’s summer or winter you will love to drink if fruits are mixed well in the juice game. Become the super chef in a blendy drink simulation game. Fruit games are loved especially when it comes to fresh and healthy fruits. Customize your juices by your own option for fruit juices in fruit cut games. With the advanced fruit blender. Add a variety of fruits like apples, watermelon, grapes, avocados, melons, bananas, guavas and etc. Select one fruit at a time and add them turn by turn in the super deluxe blender and blend them by keeping the grip on the screen. Blending it will bend it into a tasty and refreshing juice and smoothies Fruit Juice Making Game.

With each successive order, you’ll be able to unlock new levels with advanced features in this fruit juice festival and will be given a wide variety of summer fruits to blend and turn them into perfect refreshing summer fruit drinks and become the talented milkshakes and smoothies maker for a perfect blend of fruit slices.

If you are looking for new 2021 games you would love fruit mixing in the beachside juice shop. After blending fruits, pour the juice into the glass of customer choice. Our very next step is to decor the juice with toppings like half lemon, orange strawberry, cherries, etc. After decorating it add different types of toppings like strawberry cream, vanilla cream, chocolate cream, sprinkles etc. In juice shop games Isn’t it so realistic, refreshing and satisfying?

Happy Chef !!! Make your juice as you enjoy juice making. Have fun while making the delicious and tasteful fresh juice & smoothie.

Fruit Blender 3D – Juice Simulator FEATURES :
🍊 Easy to blend fruits in a modern Fruit blender
🍊 Sounds of the blender while blending fruit are so fascinating
πŸ“ Be careful while putting the fruits in the blender as there is a limit
πŸ‡ Make your juice super attractive with yummy toppings
🍏 Exciting Order management Gameplay
🍍 Serve your customer with perfect juice & smoothies to earn rewards.
πŸ‰ The blending of the blender is so smooth
πŸ’ Easy to play & easy to learn

This juice maker game will give you ideas for making juices with every type of fruit sliced just by making a good combo. Playing it while having fun will make you pass all the levels easily and like a pro.
Download this asmr super satisfying fruit blending app now for free and enjoy your juice making.