Free Trending Games On Play Store of 2021

Hello! Are you bored and alone? Looking for good time passing and free games on the Play and App Store of 2021? Sad! Not all games on these stores are free, some of them cost a few bucks. Hmmm! How to find now top free games? Are you guys finding it a big task right? From now, this is going to be very easy. All the trending free games are going to be just one click away from you all Yayy! Read and check about the best free trending games on Play Store. Here we have summarized all the games only for your convenience. So, get ready to play amazing and free-of-cost games available on the Google Play store. Give a single click on the game you find interesting and want to play and enjoy a free entertaining game.

There are many different types of games available on the Play Store. Just to make it easy we have categorized different six top free games like fashion makeovers, cooking, puzzle, role-playing, and more for you in this article. So that new and old comers on Android can easily find out new top free games.

Top and free games on Android with no-app purchases are listed below:

  1. Ice Princess Wedding Dress Up Stylist Happy Melon Games
  2. Water Sort Puzzle Color IEC Global Pty Ltd
  3. Satisfying Slime Simulator – ASMR DIY Slime games Happy Giggles
  4. Girl Genius! Lion studios
  5. Project Makeover Bubblegum games 
  6. Ice Cream Cake Maker: Dessert Chef Creative Bee
  7. Children’s doctor: dentist YovoGames

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Ice Princess Wedding Dress Up Stylist

Ice Princess Wedding Dress Up Stylist is a simple, casual, and different ice princess dress game for girls. Prepare a stunning dream wedding dress for pretty ice princesses for their big day. Come on girls give them a full makeover and dress them up. The wedding preparations are always exciting for everyone. Dress ice princess according to the new trending fashion. Play this free game for girls. Yayyy!!

Water Sort Puzzle Color

Water Sort Puzzle Color is a fun natural puzzle game. Show the world how smart you are. The mechanism of the game is different. All you have to do is to pour colored water into the glasses until all the glasses are filled up with the same colors. This is a bit difficult yet relaxing game for your brain. Use your full brain to complete challenging levels. Very easy and free to play.

Satisfying Slime Simulator – ASMR DIY Slime games

Satisfying Slime Simulator – ASMR DIY Slime games is one of the mobile’s most popular slime simulator top free games. Experience realistic super slime-making anti-stress DIY to enjoy satisfying ASMR games on your mobile phones. Create your own squishy fancy DIY slime with the help of ASMR materials. A huge selection of DIY slimes are available, decorations, and colors give you the extra dose of fun.

Girl Genius! – Lion studios

Girl Genius! – Lion Studios is the latest hit game on this list. Are you good at sniffing out the clues and solving all the puzzles?  If you think then play this super exciting and brain game to solve problems perfectly. You can play the role of a spy in actuality by using your IQ. The graphics are usually pretty decent and the controls are generally good. The gameplay is addictive.

Project Makeover – Bubblegum games

Bubblegum games released the new game on android. It’s a project makeover game. Different from other makeovers and dressing games. Choose highly fashionable clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and even furniture. This game has a new feature in mobile gaming to customize your signature avatar and do project makeovers. The graphics of the game are attractive and cool. Surprisingly, you will find this game attractive too.

Ice Cream Cake Maker: Dessert Chef – Creative Bee

Ice Cream Cake Maker: Dessert Chef is a pretty good sweet bakery shop game on the play store. This ice cream maker cake game has so much hidden fun to explore for becoming the best bakery chef in town, so hurry up and show your dessert-making skills. You can also decorate the cake with the collection of toppings available in the sweet bakery shop.  After finishing the decorations of a tasty icy dessert, you can have a chance of eating it all.

Children’s doctor: dentist

Children’s doctor: dentist was the biggest mobile game in 2020.  Most of the kids love to play this dentist game because of different animals coming to them for their dental treatment. Animals love the beautiful smile too. You have to treat them in a real dental office, using various medical instruments. But be careful don’t hurt animals. It is the great and the most iconic kids dentist mobile game.