Bride Race – Best Running Game of 2022

Everybody has a preference for genres nowadays, be it for movies, music, or games. Yes, people also have a special preference for the types of games that they play. Amidst all the racing, action, adventure, and other genres, one genre has always remained consistent and that is the RUNNING game genre.

People love to play running games, which is one of the very reasons why you will see a majority of such games highly ranked on Google Play Store as well as App Store. It is not a genre, as such, rather a category that people have taken a liking, too. Reminisce the old times and all the video games that you used to play as a child including Super Sonic and Mario. These games also fell under the umbrella of running games.

Coming back to the current time, people still enjoy these games hence why there is an abundance of running games for you guys to enjoy. Although simple, running games are a bit tricky to develop because there have to be a number of exciting factors present in order to keep the user engaged for a longer period of time.

The purpose of all this information was to introduce a newly released running game called Bride Race by Fried Chicken Games.

Every bride wants to look her best on her big day and not just that, she wants to be certain that she has chosen the correct dress, shoes, and matching accessories. Just like that, this game is no stranger to that concept. Only this time, the bride is running to reach the end of the altar!

As a bride, you have to rush to your fiance who is waiting at the end of the altar for you. And, you have to make the choices along the way. In this fun game, the user is presented with a huge variety of choices; both good and bad, and all you have to do is choose the best wedding items.

You will have to pick up a good-looking dress, shoes, flowers, and hairstyles. BUT, that’s not it, no, they have not made the gameplay this easy. There are a lot of obstacles and hurdles that you have to avoid. For example, avoid colliding with the waiter, or else the bride will stumble and eventually fall to pick the wrong item.

Moreover, be careful of the water splayed on the floor. You have to make sure that the items you choose have a green thumbs animation and also collect gems on your way. There is also a tiara that will sit on the crown of your head if you have made three or more correct choices.

The game is, overall, super exciting and engaging as the user interface is quite easy to understand and navigate. The best part is that the wedding dresses and accessories are not conventional. YES! The dresses are not all white and you can make the bride choose whatever pretty color you like!

Furthermore, let’s talk about what happens when the bride reaches the end. Based on your choices, the groom will either accept or reject you. If you pass the level, you can progress forwards but if you fail the level, there are two choices; kiss the groom anyway by watching an advertisement or try again. Interesting, no? But, ladies, if you are wise enough, I would recommend that you try again and dress to impress!

Final Thoughts:

Now that we have thoroughly explained the gameplay and played the game as well, our final thoughts are that this game is sure to keep you addicted for a generous amount of time because of its unique concept and amazing, high-quality graphics. This is definitely a good game recommended for you to enjoy in your leisure time and you can play this exciting game, whenever and wherever!

We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed today’s blog on the best running game of the upcoming year. If you did, stay connected for more!

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